Consulting services

Business consulting

Using consulting services is one of the most effective ways to deal with your business challenges, assess the feasibility of your projects, eliminate the flaws in your business performance and avoid costly errors. The work of a good consultant is a high-return investment.

The business consulting expertise of Vision T Ltd lies in the following areas:
  •  Strategic business management – this type of consulting focuses on formulating the company’s development perspectives, the structure of its business activity, its medium- and long-term market objectives, etc.
  • Organization consulting  - it is orientated towards improving team and inter-department performance, establishing adequate working procedures, setting new internal communication rules and initiating other activities aimed at streamlining the working process.
  • Sales management - consulting targeted at creating highly-efficient working structure within the sales department and building customer information exchange systems, sales strategy, revenue forecast and planning systems, goal-setting methodologies for the sales force and objective-driven sales control systems.
  • Sales team motivation systems – consulting related to developing sales force incentives that improve their individual results and boost business revenue.
  • Customer service procedures – consulting which aims to build first-class customer service approaches; establish customer service standards, complaint handling procedures, etc.
  • Integration of new hires – consulting aimed at creating systems for the fast-track integration of new employees so that they can start working independently within short terms after being hired.