Customer service

Vision T’s Customer Service Skills trainings provide the full range of knowledge and practical approaches for first-class sales and after-sales customer service.
Training participants can develop the following skillset:
  • Effective communication skills – telephone communication, email communication or face-to face communication in the company’s physical store or office.
  • Ability to deal with difficult customers.
  • Sales-driven customer service skills.
Our after-training analyses show that, as a result of our trainings, companies achieve:
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction leading to more loyal customers.
  • More word-of-mouth customers.
  • Serious decline in the number of lost customers.
We tailor our training materials to each company. To this end, we conduct in-depth research into the participants’ training needs. Thus, we ensure that our clients will be trained into the best and most efficient approaches in order to provide first-class service to their customers.