Management Skills

The Management Skills trainings provided by Vision T Ltd. develop practical skills and knowledge, based on the most up-to-date management methods.

The managers who have been enrolled on our trainings have achieved higher working results while increasing their teams’ productivity. 

Companies turn to us when they encounter various management issues such as:
  • Impeded internal communication
  • Frequent conflicts among their employees
  • High employee turnover
  • Low employee motivation levels
  • Increased amount of performance errors
  • Regular delay in the performance of working tasks
  • Inefficient organization structures
  • Low productivity

Our intra-company Management Skills training programmes are held as courses of one or two-day sessions which are tailor-made for each organization.

When developing the intra-company training programmes, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the trainees’ specific needs within the context of their managerial positions, the difficulties they encounter in their daily work, the specifics of their business sector, the teams they lead and their current managerial experience. Based on this analysis, we develop special training courses targeted at developing the managers’ skills in the areas where they meet their challenges.

Management Skills trainings involve:

  • Multimedia presentations
  • Practical activities in small groups
  • Video-recorded role plays
  • Case studies
  • Print materials for every participant
  • Seminar packages – files, writing pads and pens
  • Management Skills training certificates