Negotiation Skills

The Negotiation Skills trainings provided by Vision T cover the most efficient methods, strategies and techniques which guarantee successful negotiation in various business contexts.

The people who have taken our courses are able to: 
  • Prepare thoroughly before a negotiation, thus achieving a negotiation success.
  • Understand and decode the behavior of their opponents, thus choosing the most suitable negotiation tactics.
  • Stand their ground in the negotiation process, thus avoiding unprofitable concessions in favour of the opposing party.
  • Use flexibly a wealth of negotiating techniques, thus achieving top results.
The trainings can have a different focus depending on the type of negotiations the participants are involved in, e.g. negotiations with customers, negotiations with suppliers, negotiations with business partners, internal negotiations with individuals or teams and so on. The courses also look into different approaches specific to the mode of negotiation: face-to-face, phone, video conference, email or chat.    

When developing the training materials we carry out in-depth research into the trainees’ needs.  Based on this, we develop materials that provide the knowledge, skills, strategies and techniques needed for successful negotiation within the specific business context of the participants.