Presentation Skills

The Presentation Skills trainings provided by Vision T Ltd train participants to deliver powerful business presentations

A powerful presentation is a presentation which grabs the audience’s attention right from the start, maintains it for its duration and succeeds in gaining support for the presented idea, proposal or cause. 

Training participants acquire a comprehensive tool kit of methods, approaches and techniques for presenting in a powerful way. They learn how to:
  • Start their presentations by making effective and engaging introductions.
  • Overcome their stage fright.
  • Conduct themselves during a presentation.
  • Use different techniques to speak in front of an audience.
  • Present information in a powerful manner.
  • Maintain interactive communication with the audience.
  • Structure effective Power Point slides.
  • Work efficiently with presentation equipment.
  • Round off their reservations in a memorable way.
Giving a business presentation – either an intra-company or a sales presentation – carries the burden of responsibility. During a presentation we have the opportunity to influence a lot of people at the same time. We generally seek not only to inform the audience about a given topic, but also to gain their support for something. An apathetic, inefficient presentation will not only lose the audience – it will breed a negative attitude towards the presented topic. Thus, instead of attracting supporters, it will artificially create opponents.

Our Presentation Skills trainings develop the skills necessary to deliver powerful and memorable presentations which achieve impressive results.

Intra-company training materials are developed after in-depth research and analysis of:
  • The participants’ training needs.
  • The types of presentations they give.
  • The target audience.
  • The level of the individual participants’ presentation skills.
  • The participants’ ability to  design and structure  effective Power Point slides.