Sales skills

Vision T Ltd boasts a sales training portfolio which is unique to Bulgaria.
The training courses in our portfolio cover topics tailored to the specifics of each sales team’s activity.
The participants in our training courses study the most up-to-date sales approaches, methods and techniques together with the specifics of the Bulgarian market.

Our sales training portfolio the covers following topics:
  • Proactive sales skills targeted at new business clients – training programmes which cover the whole sales process targeted at new business clients. They look into all stages of the sales process, starting from doing research, establishing first contact, arranging a meeting with a purchase decision maker, making an offer, etc. until the final stage of closing a sale and starting work with the client.
  • Sales growth targeted at existing business clients – training programmes which develop skills for building long-term rapport with current clients. The focus of study are approaches aimed at expanding business with these clients, turning them into loyal clients and finally into a major or exclusive business partner.
  • Conducting highly-effective sales meetings with business clients – training programmes which develop skills for achieving maximum sales results during client meetings. They cover different approaches that teach you how to prepare before a meeting, how to set sales targets, how to structure and conduct your meetings towards a swift and effective sales closure.
  • Objection handling skills – training programmes which look into the reasons behind a client objection. They specify different objection types and the messages each one of them carries. The programmes also teach practical approaches for handling each type of objection and take a detailed look into different price objection scenarios and how sales consultants should approach each individual scenario.
  • Valuable proposition negotiation skills – training programmes which teach the essential characteristics of valuable propositions and their structure. They also focus on approaches through which the valuable proposition strategy can used in the business partnership negotiation process, without reducing the value of the solution that is the object of negotiation.
  • Top management sales skills – training programmes which cover sales communication approaches targeted at top management. They look into the mentality of top managers, the methods for arranging a meeting with them, the approaches to conducting a sales meeting, structuring a sales proposition, etc. The programmes teach the specific factors which influence top managers in their purchase decisions and the way these factors can be used in the negotiation process.
  • Powerful sales presentation skills targeted at business clients – training programmes which develop skills for presenting sales propositions in a highly effective way. They look into specific approaches to making presentations in front of purchase decision makers. The programmes teach different techniques for having interactive dialogue with the audience, dealing with skeptical statements and objections, proactively seeking audience engagement, etc. The programmes also develop skills aimed at making and delivering powerful presentations, including the ability to structure effective Power Point slides.
  • Active sales techniques in physical sales areas (physical stores/showroom /front office) – the training programme is targeted at sales consultants, who work with both individuals and companies. It looks into different active sales communication approaches with a focus on establishing first contact with a client, doing research into the client’s needs, presenting the most suitable solution, handling objections and actively seeking purchase engagement. 
  • Telephone sales skills – training programme which teaches telephone sales techniques. It traces the different stages of a sales conversation and covers different approaches to creating positive impression upon the first contact with the client, different methods for researching the client’s needs, presenting sales propositions, handling telephone objections, proactively seeking a deal closure, etc.
  • Time management for the sales force – training programme which teaches specific methods and techniques for optimal self-organization so that the greatest amount of time possible can devoted to sales activity. The programme develops skills for achieving top working efficiency, thus generating higher individual sales results for each participant.
  • Sales workshops – entirely practical training events oriented towards improving the trainees’ sales skills and towards the techniques studied in the training programmes.  The workshops are also a place of discussion or resolution of different cases based on the sales activity of individual participants.
The intra-company sales skills trainings are tailored to each client after detailed research and analysis of the client’s needs.
We work together with our clients to boost their sales figures through a systematic approach, based on intra-company programmes consisting of regular events such as upgrade trainings, practical workshops, individual sales coaching, consultation meetings with the managers, etc.

The systematic approach ensures our clients a gradual and long-term improvement of their sales results. As a consequence, they achieve business growth and generate multiple returns on the investment in our sales training programmes.