Team Efficiency

The Team Efficiency trainings provided by Vision T work simultaneously in two directions:
  • Individual personal development of the team members.
  • Development of highly efficient interaction within the team.
In this way the courses build strong teams who have the qualities needed to fully meet their business objectives and fresh professional challenges. 

The teams we have trained boast much greater efficiency levels because our courses:
  • Raise people’s thinking to a level where they ask themselves ‘What is best for the team?’, which leads to greater involvement of the team members in the team’s efforts.
  • Improve communication – both internally, within the team, and, externally, in the interaction with other teams – which aids quality and timely work performance
  • Eliminate the destructive conflicts within the team, which saves time, effort and any eventual expenses for dealing with such conflicts
  • Manage the constructive conflicts in the team and thus improve team performance
  • Raise the motivation of the team members, boost their productivity, performance and as a consequence, company revenue.
  • Foster greater corporate loyalty within the employees, which reduces employee turnover, minimizes the risk of losing valuable employees and saves on recruiting new people.
  • Manage negative stress, which in turn unlocks the employees’ creative potential and thus generates valuable business ideas. 
Building high team efficiency is a process that unfolds over time. For this reason, our training courses follow the systematic approach, which incorporates a series of training events within a time frame which is no less than a year.  Each event carries out two important functions:
  • Consolidates previous training material
  • Builds on the employees’ current teamwork knowledge and skills
Building a strong team requires constant and purposeful work. The first objective is to achieve a level of team interaction that will enable it to function like a well-oiled machine. The second objective is to maintain this level of interaction in the long run and take routine care of the team machine, so that it will always run accident-free.

The Team Efficiency trainings are tailor-made for each client. They are exclusively practically oriented and include practical group assignments, simulations, role plays, moderation activities, interactive discussions, team communication exercises, etc.