Time Management

The Time Management trainings provided by Vision Т Ltd look into the most efficient methods for boosting productivity in the workplace. 

Statistics show that the participants in our courses achieve higher efficiency levels, ranging between 10% and 30%, and as a result of our training, they are able to:
  • Perform a large number of routine tasks, which leads to greater productivity and  company revenue.
  • Perform their working tasks in order of priority, which guarantees that, at any one moment, their work will be focused on the right tasks, and namely the tasks that bring high added value to the business, and deal with the most serious issues.
  • Plan their tasks efficiently, which guarantees that all tasks are performed at the right time from the point of view of the working processes within the company.
  • Keep deadlines, which eliminates the risk of impeding the work of other people or teams and generating unforeseen expenses.
  • Concentrate better on their work, which minimizes the number of performance errors and any unforeseen expenses which may be incurred in dealing with these errors.

When developing our training materials, we conduct in-depth research of the issues our participants face in their own time management. Based on this research, we produce tailor-made in-company training materials which develop the skills necessary to tackle their personal and team time management challenges.