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Trainings Customer Service

The quality of customer service is critically important to any business because:

More and more customers are making purchasing decisions based on the service they receive or expect to receive.

The sales activity attracts new customers, but the quality of customer service motivates them to buy again from the same company.

The level of customer service is of paramount importance for the development of customer loyalty.

The trainings give to participants all needed knowledge and skills for delivering high-quality customer service.

They learn:

How to communicate effectively with customers:

Remote – by phone, email and chat;

Face-to-face – in a store, showroom or front office.​

How to deal with dissatisfied customers.

How to develop active selling during customer service.

Benefits of the Trainings Customer Service:

Increase sales through new orders from satisfied customers.

A higher level of customer satisfaction leads to more loyal customers.

Attracting many new customers, coming after referrals from existing customers.

A significant reduction in customers loss.

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The materials for the trainings are developed individually for each company, after a thorough study of the training needs of the participants. This ensures that employees will be trained in the best approaches to provide top-level service to the customers they work with.

Trainings include:

Multimedia presentations

Printed materials for all participants

Training pack - notepad, pen, folder

Intensive practice

Recorded role games

Certificate for successful completion

Technical specifications of the trainings



Number of participants

5 - 15 people

Duration of a training

1 day

Get in touch with us to discuss your training needs

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