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Trainings Time Management

Trainings Time Management aim to support participants in increasing their productivity at work.

Time management is a key factor in the individual performance of every manager and employee. Good time management at all levels is a primary condition for increasing business efficiency and improving financial results.

Participants in the trainings increase their productivity by developing skills:

Planning and working over the tasks by priorities.

Performing a bigger number of tasks in their daily work.

Keeping the deadlines.

Minimizing mistakes in their work.

Reducing stress at work.

Before the trainings, we do in-depth research on the challenges that the participants have in managing their time. On this basis, we develop individualized materials for in-house training, which brings participants the needed knowledge and skills for effective time management.

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Trainings include:​

Multimedia presentations

Intensive practice

Case studies

Printed materials for all participants

Certificate for successful completion​

Training pack - notepad, pen, folder​

Technical specifications of the trainings



Number of participants​

5 - 15 people

Duration of a training​

1 or 2 days

Get in touch with us to discuss your training needs

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