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Trainings Negotiation Skills

In Training Negotiation Skills are learned most advanced methods, strategies and techniques for successful negotiation in various business situations.

Participants in the trainings develop skills for:

Effective preparation for negotiation ensuring a high success rate in negotiations.

Understanding the behaviour of opponents, helping to choose the most appropriate tactics for negotiation.

Defending one's positions in negotiations, helping to prevent disadvantageous concessions in favour of the other party.

Flexible use of various negotiation techniques, ensuring best final results.

The trainings could be focused over different types of negotiations, such as:

Sales negotiations.

Negotiations with suppliers.

Negotiations with business partners.

Intra-company negotiations between individuals or teams.

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During the training process are learned the specific approaches in negotioations throught different communication channels:

Face-to-face negotiations.

Negotiations by phone.

Negotiations through online platforms like MS Teams, Zoom, etc.

Negotiations by E-mail.

We develop the materials for Training Negotiation Skills individually for each client after detailed research of training needs. This guarantees that the training will bring to participants all specific strategies and techniques for successful results in the negotiations they lead.

Trainings include:

Multimedia presentations

Printed materials for all participants

Training pack - notepad, pen, folder

Intensive practice

Recorded role games

Certificate for successful completion

Technical specifications of the trainings



Number of participants

5 - 15 people

Duration of a training

1 or 2 days

Get in touch with us to discuss your training needs

Part of our clients