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Trainings Presentation Skills

The trainings develop skills to deliver impactful business presentations that achieve desired results.

An impactful presentation is one that grabs the audience’s attention right from the start, keeps their interest alive throughout, and succeeds in winning their support for the idea or proposition being presented.

Participants are trained in full range of methods, approaches and techniques for effective presentation including:

How to start presentations with strong introductions.

How to successfully overcome stage fright.

How to behave during a presentation.

How to use different public speaking techniques.

How to deliver your message in an impactful way.

How to keep the audience interested.

How to communicate with the audience.

How to prepare effective Power Point slides for their presentations.

How to work properly with technical tools for presentation.

How to end their presentations in a memorable way.

The materials for Trainings Presentation Skills are developed individually for each company after detailed research of:

The training needs of the participants.

The audience to whom they present.

The level of individual presentation skills of the participants.

The types of presentations they make.

The objectives to be achieved through the presentations.

Participants' skills in structuring effective Power Point slides.

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Trainings include:

Multimedia presentations​

Intensive practice​

Individual presentations recorded with a camera

Printed materials for all participants​

Training pack - notepad, pen, folder​

Certificate for successful completion​

Technical specifications of the trainings ​



Number of participants​

4 - 12 people

Duration of a training​

2 or 3 days

Get in touch with us to discuss your training needs

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