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Trainings Sales Skills

Vision T has a unique portfolio of in-house sales trainings.

The primary goal of our sales trainings is to support the increase in sales results.

Our portfolio includes following sales training topics:

Sales to New B2B Customers

Training in which the entire process of selling to target customers is studied. It covers all stages of the sale, starting from research of the B2B customer, establishing the first contact, arranging a meeting with the decision-maker, making an offer, negotiations, dealing with objections, closing the sale and starting work with the customer.

Sales to Existing B2B Customers

Training that develops skills for long-term development of business with existing customers. Approaches to expanding business with customers, turning them into loyal customers and taking the position of main or exclusive partner are studied.

Highly Effective Meetings with B2B Customers

Training that develops skills to achieve best sales results during meetings with B2B customers. In the training are studied approaches to preparation for meetings, definition of meeting goals, structuring and leading the meetings aimed to move sales process towards a deal.

Dealing with Sales Objections

Different sales objections are specified and practical approaches to deal with them are studied. The price objection and approaches to work with it in each specific situation are considered in detail.

Value Based Selling

The essence of value propositions is studied. Practical approaches are considered how to create and use value propositions in negotiations with customers in order to get deals without pricing discounts.

Selling to Senior Management

The way of thinking of senior managers, the methods of setting meetings with them, the approaches in sales meetings, the structuring of sales proposals and others are examined. The specific factors motivating senior management in purchasing decisions and their use in negotiations are studied.

Making Sales Presentations

The training develops skills for highly effective presentation of sales proposals. The specific approaches for presenting to the purchasing decision makers are considered. Techniques for conducting an interactive dialogue with the audience, dealing with sceptical statements and objections, pro-actively closing are studied. The trainings develop skills for both effective delivery of presentations and their preparation, including structuring effective Power Point slides.

Selling in Store / Showroom / Front-office

participants are trained in effective sales approaches including establishing initial contact, research of customer needs, presenting the most suitable solution for the customer, working with objections and active closing.


advanced telephone sales techniques are studied. Participants learn the stages of sales phone calls, approaches to making positive initial contact with customers, ways to research needs, present sales proposals, handle telephone objections and proactive closing.

Time Management for Sales Representatives

specific methods and techniques are studied for optimal personal organization in order to use the maximum part of the time for meetings with customers. The training develops skills to improve efficiency in work, leading to an increase in the personal sales results.

Sales Workshops

practical events aimed to bring further improvement of current sales skills. During the workshops are practiced different sales skills, discussed case studies, exchange experience, etc.

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In-house sales trainings are developed individually for each company, after a thorough study and analysis of the training needs of the participants.

We work with our clients to increase sales results through a systematic approach based on internal company programs, including a wide range of activities aimed at developing strong sales teams.

Trainings include:

Multimedia presentations​

Intensive practice

Role games recorded with camera

Printed materials for all participants​

Training pack - notepad, pen, folder​

Certificate for successful completion​

Technical specifications of the trainings ​



Number of participants​

5 - 15 people

Duration of a training​

1 or 2 days

Get in touch with us to discuss your training needs

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