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Executive Coaching

Individual executive coaching is the most effective method for managers’ professional development and dealing with business challenges.

Coaching is always focused on what is essential to managers. It supports them in discovering the solutions they need, while at the same time leading them to new levels of awareness and understanding. The coach does not provide advice or guidelines for action. He supports managers through powerful questions and other coaching tools to find needed decisions and implement them.

How does individual coaching work?

Coaching is a process that brings results over time. It takes place in the form of coaching sessions with a duration of 60 minutes. During each session, the work is focused on an issue chosen by the client. At the end of the sessions, the client makes an action plan for the practical implementation of the decisions taken. In the time between sessions, the client works for the accomplishment of the planned actions.

A very important characteristic of coaching is that it helps managers not only to find the solutions they need but also to implement them in practice. The latter is the most valuable result because only implemented decisions make sense.

Sessions could be held online or at the client’s office. The best practice is to have two to four sessions per month.

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The beginning of individual coaching

Coaching begins with an initial session, during which the coach and the client define:

The areas in which the client needs to work

The goals that the client would like to achieve through coaching

After the initial session, the coaching process continues through regular sessions, during which the coach and the client work to achieve the set goals.

Duration of coaching

The duration of coaching is individual for each client.

Coaching is a cumulative process. At the beginning of coaching is set an initial period of three months.

At the end of this period, the coach and client make an analysis of the results against the goals and if necessary, the work continues on a monthly basis.

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