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Team Coaching

The Team Coaching helps teams to achieve their goals while supporting them to deepen their cohesion and job engagement.

The method supports teams:

To achieve their goals.

To share common values.

To create an inspiring vision.

To develop effective team relationships.

To find the necessary solutions for their challenges.

To clearly define team roles.

To improve team cohesion.

Career development of people.

To increase business results.

In the Team Coaching process, the coach works with the team through various coaching methods, both in small groups and in a large group, stimulating people’s creative thinking so that together they find the best solutions, approaches, actions, etc. and cooperate to implement them.

The people are supported to develop thinking „What is important to the team“, which helps to significantly increase the results of teams.


How it works

Team Coaching goes on through group sessions lead by a certified team coach with duration between two to four hours.

During each session the coach works with the team members to find out and plan approaches and actions to achieve target results, solve challenges, etc. This method is different from mentoring. The coach does not give any advices to team members, as does a mentor. Instead the coach supports people to find out needed solutions by themselves.

In the time between sessions, the team works to perform the action plans created during the sessions.

The maximum number of participants in one group is 15 people. For teams with a larger number of members, two or more groups are formed.

Duration of team coaching

Team coaching is a process that achieves the target results gradually over time. The duration of work is individual for each team.

It depends on various factors, such as the challenges being worked on, the level of cohesion of the team at the start of the coaching process, the level of implementation of the planned actions after each session, and others.

At the beginning of the process, an initial period of six months is set with a work rate of one or two sessions per month. At the end of this period the achieved results against the goals are analysed and if necessary the work continues on a monthly basis.

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