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Trainings Team Efficiency

The Trainings Team Efficiency are aimed to support building of strong teams that possess the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully achieve their goals and overcome work challenges.

The trainings help teams to increase their efficiency through:

Higher team results.

Improving communication, both internal in the team and with other teams.

Development individual thinking of the people to the level of "What is important for the team".

Minimizing mistakes in daily work.

Development of creative thinking in the team.

Effective resolution conflicts.

Increasing team motivation.

Reducing stress at work.

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Trainings Team Efficiency are developed individually for each client.

They have a strong practical orientation, including various activities that help the participants learn and practice the best approaches for team work.

Building a strong team is a process that requires focused long-term work. We work with our clients for development of their teams through a systematic approach based on in-house programs, including a wide range of activities, part of which are Trainings Team Efficiency.

Trainings include:

Multimedia presentations

Intensive practice

Recorded role games

Printed materials for all participants

Certificate for successful completion

Training pack - notepad, pen, folder

Technical specifications of the trainings



Number of participants

up to 15 people

Duration of a training

1 day

Get in touch with us to discuss your training needs

Part of our clients